Posted: June 7, 2014 in Dance Culture, Dance Style Knowledge
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I will be starting new Breakin’ classes at the Misfitted hub  next week!

71 Smallbrook Queensway, B5 4HX


Friday 18:00-19:00me freeze


Silence is a man of few words but a body that communicates volumes. A Hip-Hop Dancer with 10 years Teaching, Battling and Performing experience. Historically self-taught and educated through street experience he has been performing at numerous shows, competitions and has taught in many schools, private dance schools, youth clubs, private tuition or just because someone wanted to learn that in the streets where he danced. Silence has even taught children in Morocco, Poland and Spain when he was traveling and was seen dancing in the street and then invited to teach children in the schools there. He holds an extensive movement Vocabulary of  B-Boyin/Breakin’ Foundation that he can teach anyone from Beginner to Advanced. Silence has created for himself many systems and exercises for improving weaknesses and enhancing strengths that he teaches to his pupils.Not only does he teach Breakin’/Dance Foundations, he also instructs on Musicality through musical history that relates to Breakin’/Hip-Hop forms of dance. With Silence you will learn about the culture and history of where the dance styles come from. Which are all important subjects related to Breakin’/Hip-Hop dance styles.


Check out the Misfitted Hub website for the rest of Class timetable!



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