TamoJunto 20-9-14

Brazilian martial arts movement Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Birmingham have found a new home, and they want us all to make the most of it!

This studio under Snow Hill’s historic railway arches is the perfect place to learn, create and socialise, so we just had to throw a party to celebrate.

We’ll be mixing it up in classic Brum Spirit style, so expect an eclectic soundtrack from hip hop and funk to traditional Brazilian rhythms.

Add to that Brazilian food and drink, forró, capoeira and breakdance taster sessions, all for just £5 on the door, and we’re in for an awesome evening.

We’re in this together!


Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Birmingham
Professor Mascote
Irineu Nogueira
DJ Silence (Open Circles Hip Hop Entertainment)
DJ Feva
Sticky Joe
Forró in Brum


Arch 32 Water street, B3 1HL Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tamojunto – we’re in this together!.


TamoJunto MAP 20-9-14



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