Zulu Dawn Academy Launch.

Zulu Dawn Easter Academy Programme

This is to let you know that we will be launching the Zulu Dawn Academy Hip Hop experimental lessons programme on Monday, 30 March at EYES in Market Square, Wolverhampton at 2pm.

Each day over the Easter holiday there will be a filmed session on a different element of hip-hop, aimed at young people aged 8-14. It’s intended to take the lessons into schools in the summer term.

On Tuesday 31st March it’s DJing with deejays Jam Fu, Keef and Sunny ; on Wednesday 1st April B Boy dancing; and on Thursday 2nd April a tour of Wolverhampton’ s graffiti art sites, a sketchbook session, then practical painting in Wolverhampton skate park.

In the second week there will be an insight into motion capture at midday in Newhampton Theatre on Wednesday April 8th. In the late afternoon there will be an opportunity to meet some of the great B boy dancers of the 1980s for a Question and Answer session in our ‘Masters and Legends’ event.

On 9 April there will be body popping day and mime day at Newhampton Centre. There will also be a rap and recording session at Beats a Bar studio also at Newhampton Arts Centre on Thursday and Friday the 9th and 10th April.

Anyone interested should come and register on Monday at 2pm at EYES in Market Square Wolverhampton.

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