▶ Serato with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

While DJ Jazzy Jeff was here in Auckland, not only did we catch his amazing Peter Piper Routine http://www.serato.com/artists/dj-jazzyjeff, Sam Gribben also sat down with DJ Jazzy Jeff and talked about the early days of using Serato, Serato DJ, the Red Bull Thre3styles, Jeff’s feelings on DJing, DJ technology, hardware and who he’s feeling at the moment. Watch this video to catch the interview with Sam Gribben.

‘Peter Piper’ by Run DMC
Sony Music and Universal Music Publishing PTY LTD

Few DJs have been able to stay relevant for three decades and DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the rare exceptions. DJcityTV recently caught up with him at Red Bull Thre3style’s BBQ at Scratch DJ Academy to ask him some questions. Despite being revered by almost every DJ in the game, Jeff maintains a humble attitude and dropped a wealth of knowledge. Watch him discuss the rise of dance music and DJing, how to stay relevant, and more.

Watch more videos from DJcityTV: http://bit.ly/17nhY31



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