SOOOO……. I thought I had give a little run down on my excursions over the last couple of weeks for the record. Serious business was taken care of….. I swear! HaHa.

Soooo…. The 25th April I flew out to Switzerland/France to join NeNe & Yvoha at the ‘Street Culture Tour‘ event they were a part of organising where I DJ’d, Danced and did workshops to the local children of Thonon. Had mad fun trying to remember the French that I had learnt over the years(VERY rusty), I had help as well from their Friend Sophie too. Great to see the parents supporting their children so much as well as the little monsters they are working on. More trips are in the pipeline, TRUSS!!

2-05-15 STREET CULTURE TOUR2 (FR) 2-05-15 STREET CULTURE TOUR (FR) DJ Performance-street culture tour (fr) DJ Workshop-street culture tour (fr)

Going to the Salsa Nights where Yvoha and her family were SKOOLING!! us. My adventures hitchiking and getting searched by gendarmerie just because I travelled with a Muslim guy. The scenery of the whole place, OUI! more trips for sure.

The Moment I land back at Heathrow the sun came out, so I decided to hit the ‘Breakin Convention Park Jam‘ where soooo many heads young and ‘old’ showed up, repped, cyphered, reminisced, yammed bared food, jammed, dunked or just chilled and enjoyed the great show provided by Jonzi and his team. It was just a great day!!

Stayed in the LDN for a few days with sun Reiss catching and building on ideas and business plans for the future. Checked out ‘Jazz RE:Freshed‘s 12th birthday celebration with ‘The Rebirth‘ performing which was ridiculously funky, soulful and dopeness personified.

A great two weeks now to end that chapter at the VILE STYLE 2015 | STN 30 ANNIVERSARY | BBOY MERCENARIES PREMIERE | BBOY & POPPING BATTLES in Bournemouth in 8 hours(as I type this). Two more days of Madness? COOL! ROLL OUT!!



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