This is my blog where I post up all events that I will either be participating in or interested in promoting. Rant about things that bug me or bring up discussion points related to the things that I’m interested in. Show the Music that interests me, shows, businesses and so on…


I’m known as Silence, DJ Silence, BBoy Silence, Silence tha Nomad and The Tarmac Nomad. Various aliases I have used. One of the things I am known for mainly is Dancing, a Hip-Hop Dancer to be more precised. The styles I rock are: B-Boyin(Breakin), Poppin, Lockin, House, Hip Hop, Forro(Brazilian) & Capoeira.
Based in Birmingham, England. I’ve been doing my thing since 2001 Battling, performing, teaching nationally and internationally. Across streets, Stages & Videos. Either with Live percussion, DJs, to full Orchestras.

I am also a DJ. The natural transference of musical knowledge to entertaining as a DJ has led me to play at various club nights in England, Wales and now France, also Competitions and Battles for BBoyin, Poppin and Lockin in the last few years. I also created and hosted a radio show called Open Circles on RhubarbRadio.com which was a show for dancers and that ran for 2 years before rhubarb ceased to function, but I could resurrect it in the future, starting this blog is a step toward that.

I also Event promote with my own company Open Circles Arts C.I.C., with the likes of SoulRock Central, Brum Spirit, VisionBombing, Break Mission, Gimme The Breaks, Forro In Brum, I.D.O. StreetDance Championship, Heducation……. and so on!

Blog: www.opencirclesent.wordpress.com

Twitter: @OpenCirclesEnt

Facebook Page: Open Circles Entertaiment

 me freeze

  1. Mo says:

    I think u lot r awesome


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