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Our FREE annual festival returns for a fourth year, celebrating all things Hip-Hop!

Expect explosive dance battles on an outdoor stage, high-energy workshops, and live music and DJ sets from legendary names in the international Hip-Hop scene. Some of the best graffiti artists and writers around will also liven up the streets of Southside with brand new designs. Check us out on Facebook Check us out on Instagram Source: B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival 2019 – Birmingham Hippodrome

Kick off the weekend with a packed evening of entertainment.

Up first is a Hit The Ode poetry jam brought to you by Juice Aleem’s AFROFLUX and Apples and Snakes. Expect poetry and music performances that explore Afrofuturism.



A4 Poster - AEROBREAKS VERSIONWe also have performances from local dance crews also featuring Break Mission‘s AeroBreaks Groups, some of which will be going to France with Break Mission, Hippodrome’s Samina Beckford and Reps from Sport Birmingham to gather with schools and team in Lyon for the Euro Pod Festival





B-SIDE then proudly presents VisionBombing – a brand new Hip-Hop game show created by MadFlow & DJ Psykhomantus featuring TY Chijioke. Two teams of Hip-Hop artists compete for points by answering questions on music, films and politics or solving puzzles. Think of a Hip-Hop version of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, with a touch more fun and daring!

To round off the night, we’re inviting some of Birmingham’s finest Hip-Hop DJs to keep the music and vibes flowing into the evening.

Book your FREE tickets now! 

Source: B-SIDE 2018: The Welcome Jam – Birmingham Hippodrome