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Here are all the links to the Facebook event pages for the #BSIDE18.
Click through and you will find the links for booking seats and places within the workshops. Better yet, just come down and join in!

B-Side Hip-Hop Festival

Birmingham Hippodrome, B5 4TB Birmingham, United Kingdom

Upcoming events

12 May–13 May ·
Sun 13:00 ·
Sun 15:00 ·

Source: B-Side Hip-Hop Festival – Events


Hosted by MC and rap artist Juice Aleem and Blaoo (Sweedish Hip-Hop Historian), we kick off the weekend festival in the Patrick Centre with a dynamic conversation and Q&A that explores Birmingham’s independent and vibrant contribution to global Hip-Hop culture, from its pioneering MCs, rappers, graffiti artists, word poets, producers and b-boy/girls, to the present day issues faced in developing the scene and artform in Birmingham and across the Midlands.

Leading speakers and performers from both the city and wider international stage, will be present on the evening including Prit, Nucleo, T-Kid, Poe One, Link, IMD, Bubbles and Sic – Nis among others.

You can also expect mini performances from Marso’s experimental lab and the ‘7 to Spoke’ winners from 2016, a rolling screening of ‘Girl Power’ exploring the female graffiti experience, PLUS DJ and Vijay sets by DJ Mantis and Nucleo.

Tickets need to be booked in advance!


This event is part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival 2017, produced by Birmingham Hippodrome CREATIVE

Birmingham Hippodrome

Hurst Street, B5 4TB Birmingham, United Kingdom

Source: B-Side Welcome Jam (FREE, Book in advance)